Sustainability in the CBD Industry 

Mar 27, 2023

The hemp plant, which is from the cannabis family, has historically been farmed for many purposes before CBD became a mainstream product. With the varying attributes and applications for all parts of the hemp plant, from fashion to construction materials, it has the ability to be near- zero waste.

Since hemp plants are “naturally resistant to insect predators,” many hemp farming operations, including millie's partners, are more easily enabled to practice organic farming methods. Multiple studies have provided evidence that hemp plants can even improve the very soil they are grown in by removing toxins, instead of depleting all of its nutrients. 

In one study, deposits of selenium, lead, cadmium, and nickel were all removed from contaminated grounds where hemp was grown. Hemp plants are also known to have a very long root system, which helps to keep the soil in place and maintain the nutrients, preventing erosion. In comparison to cotton, hemp requires 50% less land and water for production. The many uses and benefits of hemp are only limited by our imagination.

CBD Extraction

Across the industry there are several methods used to remove the CBD oil from the stalk of the hemp plant, including CO2 extraction. Some methods use solvents like alcohol, ethanol, butane, or propane, among others. There are highlights and drawbacks to all extraction options at this time. 

The CO2 method can be safer than using chemical solvents but is very time-consuming. millie's partners use a variety of techniques to ensure no contaminants have been included in the product by using rigorous third-party tests. 

millie's partners have enhanced their operations by implementing vertical integration. In their farms across the United States, the hemp is grown, harvested, and processed without ever leaving the property.

With such a high level of control and oversight into all aspects of the product, our partners limit any possible pollutants and ensure consistent, high-quality CBD reaches our customers. This also reduces the environmental impact since the product is not transported off-site until it comes to millie for distribution. 

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