The Role of Nanoemulsion on CBD Bioavailability

Nov 30, 2023

Nanoemulsion was developed as a way to improve the delivery method of medications, as smaller particles are absorbed into the body faster, and more effectively. The larger the molecule, the more difficult it is for the product to absorb into your system, reach your bloodstream, and provide results. The smaller the particle, the more bioavailable it is for your body. Bioavailability is defined as the speed at which a drug or product is absorbed or made available in your system.

To create these small particles, a method of nanoemulsion must be used. In this process, energy is applied to oil and water, along with an emulsifying agent to break down the larger-sized particles. From there, emulsification can be initiated by using high or low energy in stirring, applied pressure, ultrasonic energy, a patented mixing technology, temperature changes, and several other methods. The nano droplets are then run through a series of tests to ensure their size, product content, water-solubility, and pH are consistent and meet all requirements.  

Why Millie?

Our nanoemulsion CBD is water-soluble and highly effective due to its increased bioavailability. This allows our relief gel to penetrate deeper layers of your skin. According to a nanoemulsion research paper by Jaiswal et al., each droplet of a nanoemulsion product is 20–200 nanometers in size. To put this into perspective, a sheet of paper is about 100,000 nanometers thick. 

At millie, we have smaller nanoemulsion oil droplets at 25 nanometers compared to the industry average. This allows you to use less of the product to achieve the same effects.

Our nanoemulsion process also increases the water-solubility of CBD. CBD is naturally a lipophilic molecule. Therefore, it isn't very water-soluble by nature. Through nanoemulsion, however, we're able to make CBD far more water-soluble. Your skin is primarily composed of water — thus, water-soluble compounds are more readily absorbed into deeper layers of the skin than lipophilic compounds. 

In short, nanoemulsion enhances the bioavailability of our products by creating nano-sized, water-soluble particles that can seep down deep into your skin for enhance relief.

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