What's On The Horizon For CBD

Jan 1, 2023
CBD has become one of the most rapidly growing sectors of the natural health and wellness industries. Looking forward, the industry will be forced to address some of the challenges that have come with this rapid growth including transparency and regulations in both production and consumption.


Not all CBD is created equal. The many different products being introduced to the market can make it confusing for consumers to determine what is safe, effective, and even legal. 

With variations in strength, ingredients, and farming methods, it is critical that companies provide third-party verification and lab-testing results on their websites. 

Some companies, like millie, may display badges from certifications or product ingredients which can help customers quickly determine if this product meets their needs. Clearly identifying the amounts of CBD and/or THC found in the product is also important, though reporting and regulations may differ from state to state.

millie wants our customers to be assured and confident about the quality of our products and that's why they all include a QR code with a link to view the batch-specific, third-party lab tests. We supply our customers with all the tools needed to make an informed decision while the industry and regulations continue to develop. 


As with other crops and consumables, production details and ethics are a growing concern. It is important to find a CBD brand that implements organic farming practices and adheres to all guidelines established by the FDA and congress. 

In a recent interview with Janet Woodcock, the FDA's Principal Deputy Commissioner and leader of the agency's cannabis regulation efforts, Woodcock's comments indicated the FDA is actively working with the available evidence to define regulatory boundaries for the legal sale of CBD and other cannabinoids. A decision from the agency may come in the next few months, possibly involving a need for new Congressional legislation. 

Although hemp-derived CBD is federally legal, there are also state-by-state regulations CBD companies have to abide by. Such state-level regulations relate to things such as the use of pesticides on hemp.

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The statements made regarding these products have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease


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